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Benefits of E-bikes & Motorcycles

Posted by Rowan McLeod on

One of the main reasons people buy an electric bike is for health and fitness, and another is ease of commuting and living costs. If you already own a bicycle, you have already experienced what it is like working up a sweat and then have to be presentable at work or look and act calm when socializing, I’ve played charades before like this and it’s no fun!


  • Instead of bringing an extra set of clothes to work (Even though it‚Äôs always a good idea for anything) or breathing like you just did a marathon, enjoy the breeze of moving effortlessly with the throttle doing the work for you or assisting pedaling uphill.


  • An E-Bike can be parked anywhere! Even if you have a scooter or motorcycle that looks like it would normally need to be on the street, leave your coins in your pocket and old concerns behind. Regular motorcycles can be seen parked in front of cafes, stores, and anywhere that is not in the way of the public.


  • E-Bikes do not qualify as a vehicle requiring a license to operate.


  • Many cities have bike lanes, use them to get around the traffic you were once stuck in when taking the bus or driving a car. You will notice your stress in traffic disappears thanks to your agility and ease of movement.


  • Even without bike lanes, maneuverability in all traffic conditions is superior.


  • As you learn your new route, all the traffic you have been passing on your new E-Bike will make you realize that it is much faster and more enjoyable than being stuck and annoyed in a car!



Health ‚Äď Physical & Mental Wellness

There are many health benefits of riding an electric bicycle too! Not just for the beginner, but experienced and advanced riders as well. These positive attributes are both physical, and psychological.


  • For beginners, the pedal assist will get you going.


  • You can decrease the assist for a more challenging experience if you want.


  • Anytime you feel tired or fatigued, you can increase the assist. Similar to how some gym equipment has a fail-safe or catch. If you cannot complete a rep for example, the assist will catch your push and do it for you.


  • This will help you reach your fitness goals. As you progress, your lifestyle will already be getting healthier being outside and getting fresh air.


  • Instead of being discouraged, you will be looking forward to your next ride and feel excited!


  • Hand-eye coordination, agility, sharpness and overall lifestyle will improve and keep your metabolism burning.


  • Older riders can enjoy the full assist features that will reduce the strain on joints and muscle problems while wanting to stay active and fit.


  • For those who haven‚Äôt tried a bike for a while, its like having training wheels but they‚Äôre ELECTRIC TRAINING WHEELS!


  • Many riders notice their demeanor and stress from their commute is now dwindled and calm, instead of fretting and being unsure. This boosts confidence, motivation and overall morale.


A New and Improved Lifestyle

Getting outside and doing something active on a regular basis can be difficult with our busy schedules and way of life. All one needs to do is make improvements and see positive change like their diet, or method of commuting in this case.

Instead of going to the gym and paying a monthly fee where you may not even make the time for going, a great alternative is to buy an electric bike which will give you all the help you need up a challenging hill or in windy conditions.

All the fresh air and more exercise can be the beginning or part of an already healthy lifestyle. I found that meeting like-minded people living up to a similar standard creates and maintains a clear state of mind and builds habits that improves our lives and others around us.

The Electric Bike community is full of great people that help each other with technical & troubleshooting, insight, and sharing a vision for a cleaner and healthier environment for all to live in.

Leave a comment below to share what benefits you get from riding!