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ARMADA Recon 60V 500W

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Utility, practicality & style are all combined into the Recon - for off road, trail or street riding! Can fly up hills with 500W of high torque power for cruising & climbing effectively at 20° for riders 175 lbs & features a second seat for a passenger. Can be optionally insured as an LSM (Low Speed Motorcycle) with papers available and is CMVSA 2(1) compliant.

Powered by regular Silicone AGM or Lithium Ion batteries, the price options are flexible depending on which pack you choose. RADICAL highly recommends upgrading to the lithium pack for more efficient & stronger power delivery, range, instrument performance and battery lifespan which prevents further expenses of replacing batteries sooner as with traditional SLA / SAGM packs.

ex: Silicone AGM = 300 - 400 cycles, Lithium Ion =1200 - 2000 cycles.

  • LED Headlights w/ high-beam
  • Turn signals w/ emergency lights
  • Bluetooth for music
  • Storage inside trunk under seat
  • Easily adaptable for regular motorcycle & scooter riders 
  • Upgradeable to Lithium Ion (recommended),
  • Chain lock included!


Colors: Matte Black, Gunmetal Grey, Gloss White; Camouflage Green
Motor: 500W (1500W PEAK Hub Drive)
Battery: 60V 20Ah Silicone AGM / Lithium Ion
Battery charge time: 6-8 hours SLA / 4 - 6 hours Lithium Ion

Battery Cycle Life: 300 Silicone AGM / 1200+ Lithium Ion
Speed Modes: Low, medium, sport and reverse
Max Speed: 32km / hr w/ governor
Max Range: Up to 30 - 50km / Lead Acid - varies with rider weight & road conditions or 40 - 80km / Lithium Ion.
Speedometer / Tripometer & Battery Gauge: Digital LED
Lock System: Alarm / Key Ignition Lock / Steer Lock / Motor Lock
Bluetooth: Yes
Rim OD: 10″
Tire Size (Front/Rear): 10″ x 3.0″ Tubeless
Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 187 cm x 67 cm x 105.5 cm
Brake (F/R): Disc/Disc
Suspension (F/R): Hydraulic / Spring Coilover
Max loading capacity: 330 lbs
Climbing capacity: 20° (1 person, 70kg)

Alarm: Yes with panic button
Keys: x2 with remotes / FOBs
Lights: Headlight w/ high-beam, rear & brake light, front & rear turn signals & emergency flash
Horn: Yes
Pedals: Yes 
Footrest for Passenger: Yes
Frame Type: High Tensile Steel
Deck: Plastic Floorboard

Net Weight with battery: 230 lbs
Storage: Yes- Trunk / Locked Glove / Under Seat

^^ Travel range is based on riding on level ground, no stops, no winds, warm temperatures for a 175lb rider with no extra cargo.

* Actual product may slightly differ from picture. Please contact us for a current picture if required.

* Prices may vary to include assembly, upgrades, accessories and/or shipping.

Shipping rates vary on location.