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Cycplus A2 Air Inflator Review

Publié par Rowan McLeod le

Manufacture: Cycplus

Model: A2

Type: Automatic Air Pump

Price: $89.95



  • Unboxing: First Impressions
  • Pressure presets & using the A2: E-Bike Test
  • Pumping Car Tires
  • Using on regular bikes
  • Charges up in less than 2 hours
  • 80 Lumen Flashlight + Powerbank
  • A2 Mount Installation
  • Specs
  • Conclusion: Awesome High Performance Electric Pump!


Unboxing: First Impressions

The A2 arrived in the mail wrapped thick in cardboard packaging with no signs of damage. The first box inside contains the bag which can be used to carry the A2 with its extra parts & instruction manual.

Wrapped in some light plastic to protect from scratches, the A2 was pleasant & cool to look at as it resembles a Bluetooth speaker. Some of these pumps can look a bit boxy but this one is smooth, stylish & modern looking.

It weighs 336 grams & is about 7 inches in length, making it portable & easy to carry on day trips & commutes. Right away I know this is good for those who may suffer from pain in the wrists making manual pumping not a very happy time. With a fully charged battery, we are set to move onto our performance tests with my Motorino XMb E-Bike, an SUV & a road bike.


Pressure Presets & using the A2: E-Bike Test

When hooking up to the valve on the tire, turning on the power will automatically read the pressure of the tire. Using the + or - buttons will adjust the pressure desired to pump. Click the power button one more time and off you go!

This tire took about 50 seconds to pump from 35 psi to 41 psi. This is like going to a gas station to us the air hose - very powerful & loud! But gets the job done quickly. Our next test will be on a medium size SUV!


Pumping Car Tires

The A2 Air Inflator can pump E-Bikes, Motorcycles, regular bikes & small to medium size cars & SUVs. This will NOT work with heavy vehicles like trucks or buses! Doing this will void the warranty and is not safe to do. Don't do it!

After making sure the pressure was reading correctly I started pumping the left rear tire with a desired pressure of 29 psi. After 21 seconds the tire was up to spec and started to get a little warm on the tube but not hot at all.

The left front tire needed some more attention as it was down to only 20 psi, we will pump it to 30 and see how long it takes. After 4 minutes and replacing my camera battery after dying, the tire was up to 30 psi on the front. I was impressed to see that there was still enough power to pump the road bike up still, awesome!


Using with regular Bikes

This next bike we will pump up is the highest pressure of them all at 100 psi. After setting the adapter that the A2 comes with on the valve, the pump was ready to go for one last run. To my amazement, it peaked at 99 psi and almost made it! Not only that, but it's IBMS (intelligent battery management system) saved enough power to display the information without causing harm to the A2's functions.


Charges up in less than 2 hours

After fully depleting the A2 battery, I hooked up the charger to the wall and left it to juice up for 3 - 4 hours as advertised. This is not the only time will be surprised by the A2 however, with the green light indicating it charged it only 1.5 hours! I first wondered if it was the amount of work it did all in one run but then reconsidered how it is only a 500MAh battery so really it should only take up to 2 hours. A nice and pleasant surprise!


80 Lumen Flashlight + Power Bank

When you find yourself in the dark and need a trusty flashlight, the A2 has you covered. With 80 lumens it is more focused on its pump function so it is good for close range activities, but not for seeing into the distance. The light went out to a distance of about 7 feet of illumination.

The power bank feature of the A2 Air Inflator is also a plus! Especially if you use a Bluetooth speaker or use your phone and need a boost. The one thing to watch for is that it automatically cuts off the charge after 60 minutes of charging. This is to conserve the power for its main purpose as a pump. One thing they could have done better was add rubber plugs at the USB ports to protect from dust & debris. But some tape is an easy fix for this one so no big deal.


A2 Mount Installation

Using the screws + Allen key & washers that came with the pump & mount, it easily goes on with minimal effort. After screwing on, attach the rubber backing strip for gripping the A2 securely when riding around with it attached to the frame. Make sure to tighten the strap enough that it properly secures it. I would recommend just using a backpack so you don't ever have to worry about it fall out. This is a nice pump and deserves to be taken care of!





Conclusion: Awesome High Performance Electric Pump!

For its small size, mighty power and competitive price point, this is one of the coolest & most useful gadgets for using on your E-Bike, Motorcycle, Bike & Car. It takes away the pain for users suffering from joints with arthritic problems, can pump multiple tires in one charge and is accurate within 1 - 1.5 psi. This is why we played with the valve a little bit in the video review to confirm it is concise.

Now you can buy your own A2 here on our official shop page! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about the A2 Air Inflator. Or reach out to us via team@radicalelectricbikeshop.com and we will reply to your message as soon as possible!