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News — Cycplus A2

Cycplus A2 Air Inflator Review

Publié par Rowan McLeod le

Manufacture: Cycplus Model: A2 Type: Automatic Air Pump Price: $89.95   Overview Unboxing: First Impressions Pressure presets & using the A2: E-Bike Test Pumping Car Tires Using on regular bikes Charges up in less than 2 hours 80 Lumen Flashlight + Powerbank A2 Mount Installation Specs Conclusion: Awesome High Performance Electric Pump!   Unboxing: First Impressions The A2 arrived in the mail wrapped thick in cardboard packaging with no signs of damage. The first box inside contains the bag which can be used to carry the A2 with its extra parts & instruction manual. Wrapped in some light plastic to...

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